I just found out I share an imperfection with Tom Cruise



A really corny comic about anime boyfriends. Mostly corny on purpose but also I just think Kotetsu would totally be into bedroom roleplay :)c

oh no these perfect dorks. kotetsu would totally do this. i can’t even deal with how great this comic is. 


poor bunny puts up with so much bullshit

easter must be one of kotetsu’s favourite times of year 8)

(prior to—and following—seeing The Rising on Monday, madam-bluhhh, who is one of the cutest bunny-chan cosplayers ever, and i hung out at the Target near the theater. the dollar bins there are excellent. as i was cosplaying kotetsu at the time, i felt honour-bound to badger bunny into modeling these fabulous items.)



You know something I found interesting?
Is how when people meet dogs, they’ll say something like
“He’s so cute!”
And the owner will shyly respond with “she’s a girl, actually”
And the person will apologize and IMMEDIATELY start using the right pronouns.
So my question is,
If its so easy to do with DOGS why is it so fucking difficult to do with trans people?



he got the bracelet from a duck



My friends are amazing at Cards Against Humanity

I’ve never posted anything that deserved to go more viral than this.


  • A: an uplifting song
  • B: a song to listen to before you go to sleep
  • C: a song from a soundtrack
  • D: a song that reminds me of a fictional character
  • E: a song by a band I’ve seen live
  • F: a song that I’ve used as a ringtone at some point
  • G: a song to party your butts off to
  • H: a song that reminds me of my childhood
  • I: a song that gives me butterflies
  • J: a song by the beatles
  • K: a song I know all the lyrics to
  • L: an instrumental song
  • M: a song that hasn’t got a video but I wish it had
  • N: a song by a band I want to see live
  • O: a melancholic song
  • P: a song that I’d recommend you based on your blog
  • Q: a song to drive to
  • R: a song that I’ve listened to lots of times recently
  • S: a song by a band of your choice
  • T: a lovesong
  • U: a song that reminds me of a fictional pairing
  • V: a non-english song
  • W: a song with an amazing music video
  • X: a cover
  • Y: a song I’d send to my crush (imaginary, if you don’t have one)
  • Z: a randomly chosen song


Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u


Senketsu loves his quality ironing time (◍′◡‵◍)


Photographer Bobby-Jo Clow found herself face-to-face with a cheetah cub who approached her Landrover while on safari at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. She documented the curious cat’s looks of wonder and trepidation at the vehicle and its passengers.

i want to _____ you

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